[][src]Struct libc::proc_bsdinfo

pub struct proc_bsdinfo {
    pub pbi_flags: u32,
    pub pbi_status: u32,
    pub pbi_xstatus: u32,
    pub pbi_pid: u32,
    pub pbi_ppid: u32,
    pub pbi_uid: uid_t,
    pub pbi_gid: gid_t,
    pub pbi_ruid: uid_t,
    pub pbi_rgid: gid_t,
    pub pbi_svuid: uid_t,
    pub pbi_svgid: gid_t,
    pub rfu_1: u32,
    pub pbi_comm: [c_char; 16],
    pub pbi_name: [c_char; 32],
    pub pbi_nfiles: u32,
    pub pbi_pgid: u32,
    pub pbi_pjobc: u32,
    pub e_tdev: u32,
    pub e_tpgid: u32,
    pub pbi_nice: i32,
    pub pbi_start_tvsec: u64,
    pub pbi_start_tvusec: u64,


pbi_flags: u32pbi_status: u32pbi_xstatus: u32pbi_pid: u32pbi_ppid: u32pbi_uid: uid_tpbi_gid: gid_tpbi_ruid: uid_tpbi_rgid: gid_tpbi_svuid: uid_tpbi_svgid: gid_trfu_1: u32pbi_comm: [c_char; 16]pbi_name: [c_char; 32]pbi_nfiles: u32pbi_pgid: u32pbi_pjobc: u32e_tdev: u32e_tpgid: u32pbi_nice: i32pbi_start_tvsec: u64pbi_start_tvusec: u64

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for proc_bsdinfo[src]

impl Copy for proc_bsdinfo[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for proc_bsdinfo

impl Sync for proc_bsdinfo

impl Unpin for proc_bsdinfo

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